In 2013 I will be photographing as many bird species as possible in the ABA Area. Inspired by the ABA's dedication to help raise awareness for the conservation need in Hawaii, I will try to do my part as well.

The American Bird Conservancy has been making headway with some of Hawaii's most endangered bird species. While I don't have the resources to make a large donation to their effort, I do have time and a camera.

In 2012 I was able to see 616 species of birds in the ABA Area. While it is unreasonable to think I will have such a great year again, my goal is to photograph 500 different bird species in 2013. Whether this is a reasonable goal remains to be seen, but I will give it all I have.

Please consider donating to the American Bird Conservancy's ongoing conservation effort in Hawaii. To make this fun, consider a "pledge-per-species" approach, or go with the classic flat-rate donation. The birds of Hawaii will appreciate it! I will receive no part of the donations; the entire amount will go to the ABC. If I can convince even one person to donate, I will consider the year a success.

To get the ball rolling, I will be taking the "pledge-per-species" approach and donating for each species I photograph this year. See the Donate Page for more information.

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