All donations will go to the American Bird Conservancy for their work with endangered Hawaiian bird species. I will take no part of the donation. Along with the ABC, my goal is to promote awareness for the crisis in Hawaii and help promote conservation where it is most needed. All pledges and donations will be Tax-Deductible!

If I end up reaching my goal of 500 bird species photographed, a "per species" donation will look like this:

$1/species= $500
$0.50/species= $250
$0.25/species= $125
$0.15/species= $75
$0.10/species= $50
$0.05/species= $25

Of course, 500 species photographed in one year is a very ambitious goal.

Fill out my online form.

If you would rather donate a fixed amount immediately via PayPal, click here:

Another way to donate is directly to the American Bird Conservancy via their website. I will be tracking our progress throughout the year, but I will be unable to see donations done this way.

If you are unable to make a donation, no worries! Sit back and enjoy the blog. And pass it along to your friends!

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