Friday, October 4, 2013

New Photo Birds are Everywhere!

... everywhere except where I am looking that is. The past few days have seen a huge rise in the amount of Harris's Sparrow, Winter Wren and Rusty Blackbird reports on eBird. I finally had some time to go look for them. Of course, they chose to hide today.

I did re-find a Le Conte's Sparrow at the General Mills Research Natural Area near Minneapolis. Apparently there were 50 White-throated Sparrows and 6 Harris's Sparrows yesterday, but I couldn't find either.

Le Conte's Sparrow
Le Conte's Sparrow was not a new photo bird, but was only the second one I have seen this year. The other was in Florida in the winter, so it was a welcomed sight. It is hard to ever tire of these gorgeous sparrows.

I'll be out birding around the cities tomorrow if the weather cooperates. It looks like it is going to rain for the majority of the day, but hopefully I can get some birding in between storms. I also hope to be birding on Sunday and Monday. Fingers crossed!

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