Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent Happenings at Tall Timbers

Made it into the field today after yesterdays torrential downpour and only managed to get the ATV stuck once. The birds seemed to be enjoying the early morning sun. My first good find of the day came as I entered my research plot. I immediately heard Pine Siskins calling. They were moving around and quite flighty, but I managed to count 5 as they moved about. They were too quick for my camera that was safely tucked away in my backpack.

I got the camera out as it seemed like at any moment a Swallow-tailed Kite would come soaring overhead. It never happened, but it was a good thing the camera was out as I stumbled on a Fox Sparrow. This is a pretty good find and was a nice year/photo bird. Amazingly, my friend and co-worker Matt Gould had another Fox Sparrow at a totally different part of the property.

Fox Sparrow
It feels like Tall Timbers has some potential to produce some more surprises (as I hear it has in the past). If these any of these birds become reliable, I'll keep people posted, although these seemed like chance encounters.

If you are enjoying the pictures and this blog, consider pledging for the American Bird Conservancy's work with endangered birds in Hawaii. Every bit helps!

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