Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Brown Thrasher

First, I’d like to thank the American Bird Conservancy for making an announcement about this big year project. I’d also like to thank those who have supported this project by pledging. If you haven’t already,see this page here. Any little bit helps!

I’ve been working all week. Luckily I work outside with birds. Today I was able to track down a Brown Thrasher that was singing on territory. I discovered there was a pair right near a Brown-headed Nuthatch nest. The thrashers have become a lot more apparent in the last week with many singing around the property.

Brown Thrasher in full song
There are still plenty of birds I could photograph around the Tall Timbers property. This weekend I plan to visit birding hotspots in Florida’s Panhandle including St. Marks, St. George and Bald Point. I hope to pick up a few more shorebirds and some of the more common species I have yet to photograph. Next weekend might be a trip to Miami to look for exotics and S. Florida specialties. There is still plenty to see and photograph before more migrants start coming through, so keep checking back!

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