Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tall Timbers Le Conte's Sparrow

Just when I thought the day was a bit of a downer, Matt Gould texted me about a Le Conte's Sparrow that he had just located. Luckily, I was still in the field and not far from his location. I zoomed over on my ATV. Not long after, the Le Conte's Sparrow showed itself. What an amazing bird! The birds in the genus ammodramus are known to be quite skulky and we had a blast watching this sparrow mouse its way from grass mound to grass mound. Occasionally it would hop into the vegetation on either end of the dike where it was present and gave simply amazing views. Quite possibly the most cooperative Le Conte's Sparrow I've ever seen. But enough babble, I'll let this picture do the rest of the talking.

Le Conte's Sparrow
It is a shame that the lighting was so bad with the light rain and all. Maybe I'll see if it is still around tomorrow to take advantage of the forecasted sunny skies. That makes 225 birds photographed this year, and it is only the beginning of March. Who knows what will show up next at Tall Timbers!

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  1. Great blog David and great pictures. Thanks for sharing your sightings.


    Andy Wraithmell