Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bobolink Season

If you scan through the recent Florida bird postings, you'll notice a lot of Bobolink reports. My first Bobolinks of the year came this past weekend as fly-bys and fly-overs at St. George Island State Park, but were all too quick to photograph. Today, Matt Gould texted me to let me know some Bobolinks were hanging out along the lake edge in a field at Tall Timbers Research Station. I took a look and sure enough, I had 8 Bobolink feeding and calling in the field. The resident Eastern Kingbird pair chased them if they got too close. Photography conditions weren't perfect, but here is what I got.

 Bobolink breed in Michigan, but I was happy to photograph it down here. One less bird I'll have to chase once I get home. I won't have much time to bird Michigan once I get there, but I will be taking advantage of the few free days I do have to go birding.

Two weeks from today I'll be in Alaska for a short visit! I'm counting down the days...

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