Friday, April 19, 2013

More Tallahassee Breeders

It looks like most of the local breeders have taken up residence (besides Mississippi Kites, perhaps). Today I heard my first Acadian Flycatcher on territory at Tall Timbers. Orchard Orioles and Eastern Wood-Pewee are singing all over, but I have yet to snag a photo of either. Work is winding down, so expect more to come soon.

Over the past few days, Louisiana Waterthrushes have made themselves apparent by singing consistently. I spied one singing from high over a water pool and, given the distance and poor light, was surprised to snap an identifiable photo. This one is for Bob Mulvihill, a supporter of the big year who requested a "really good" picture of a Louisiana Waterthrush. I wouldn't classify this as "really good", but at least its something!

Louisiana Waterthrush
Another local breeder I've been able to photograph lately is the Chimney Swift. They hang around our bunk house where I am staying. I wonder if they are making use of the old, never used Chimney present. This is the eastern counterpart to the Vaux's Swift. Vaux's range comes nowhere near Florida, so I think it is safe to "count" this one as Chimney Swift as well.

Chimney Swift
Tomorrow (Saturday 4/20) looks like it might be an outstanding day for birding in Florida. I will be birding at St. George Island near Apalachicola, FL for the 3rd time and hope to witness some great warblers and perhaps my first Dickcissel of the year.

I only have a couple weeks left here in Florida. I am hoping to be around the 300 mark for birds photographed by the time I leave, but adding 22 birds might be pushing it. I still have a few breeders I can add and plenty of migrants to still pass through. I was hoping to get to the Tortugas, but with only 2 days off each week I don't think I can realistically make the 11hr one way drive happen. However, I will be attending the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival in Homer, Alaska from May 9-12th, so that should more than make up for it.

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