Saturday, May 4, 2013

300 down, 200 to go

Last Sunday I went to St. George Island State Park along the gulf coast of Florida. The weather wasn't looking good for migrants and I expected it to be slow, but surely I could find a Cape May Warbler, right? I needed two new birds photographed for 300, so I set that as a modest goal. It was harder than it sounds.

When I got to the youth camp area of the Island, it was dead. However, a Merlin was seen carrying some fresh prey. Conditions were horrible for photography and it was distant.

Not long after, I spied a Cape May Warbler, but it was very flighty and didn't sit still. After exploring more of the island, finding hardly any birds, I returned to the youth camp area. I refound the Cape May and it was a bit more cooperative this time.

Cape May Warbler
Tomorrow morning (5/5) I leave very early for Michigan. The Black-faced Grassquit in Miami is tempting, but I just can't imagine making the 15 hour detour. I'll live to regret this decision, I'm sure.

Once back in Michigan, I intend to bird as much as I can, but I'll be very busy. I leave for Alaska on Thursday to attend the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. I've been to the festival the past two years in a row and look forward to returning. I had enough frequent flyer miles to get there for free, otherwise this trip wouldn't have been possible.

Check back soon!

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