Monday, May 6, 2013

Back in Michigan

I left Florida very early Sunday morning, although I really didn't want to. Florida has so much going for it, but I needed to get back to Michigan. I made it back Sunday night after 16 hours of driving. I had plans to get up early this morning and go birding around Muskegon, but I couldn't talk myself out of bed.

Instead, I slept in and opted to get some chores done that needed doing. I still got out to Fenner Nature Center and Crego Park. Both places were dead. At Fenner, I found a Nashville Warbler singing from very high in the canopy. I took a few shots anyway. Given my limited time left in the east, I'll take what I can get.

Nashville Warbler
 At Crego Park I was pleased to hear Warbling Vireos insistently singing. I always get Warbling Vireos here at the right time of year. This picture would have turned out alright, too, if I hadn't blown the highlights in the background so bad!

Warbling Vireo
Even on a really slow day, I added two new birds to the photographic big year list.

I think tomorrow I need to head to Magee Marsh in Ohio as they have been having some great birding lately. I'm not a fan of the crowds, but maybe the boardwalk on a Tuesday won't be so bad... Wishful thinking?

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