Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Failed Chasing

The past two days have been a bit disappointing. Yesterday (5/7), I drove from Lansing, MI to Linton, IN to look for the Spotted Redshank. It was present the previous night until after dark, but on my trip it was a no show. It was a good time with good company, besides the absence of a Redshank. Just down the road, a Bell's Vireo was singing constantly, so I took advantage.

Bell's Vireo
Today (5/8), I birded Waterloo State Rec Area, mainly Glenn Road east of Mt. Hope Road in Michigan. This is a hotspot for Cerulean Warblers and produced at least 8 birds, if not more. I was glad to get a few photos.

Cerulean Warbler
Also singing all along the road were Wood Thrushes. I never got close to one as they were singing high in the trees, but it was really great hearing so many breeding birds singing on territory.

Wood Thrush
My main goal for the morning, however, was to see and photograph the Eurasian Wigeon at Trinkle Marsh at the corner of Dancer Road and Trinkle Road in Washtenaw Road. Unfortunately, I saw no Wigeon of any species.

I ended my morning at the corner of Parker and Scio Church Road, a crossroads where Trumpeter Swan is a given. Sure enough, the pair was busy working on a nest.

Trumpeter Swan
The rest of the day was spent packing and preparing for my trip to Alaska. I leave tomorrow and have Friday-Sunday to bird before returning back to Michigan on Monday. I'll be going to Homer for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. Next update will come on Tuesday with, hopefully, lots of pictures!

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