Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Little Sun Goes a Long Way

It was a beautiful day today. Unfortunately, I was unable to venture far from home, so I focused on photographing a few more feeder birds that eluded me thus far. House Finch, House Sparrow and Blue Jay finally met their match. It was a lot easier getting a decent photograph when there is a little light!

Just a House Sparrow
Blue Jay
House Finch

A surprise was a Sharp-shinned Hawk flying high overhead against the blue sky. I quickly snapped off a few pictures, but the bird was very high and distant. Still, you can tell it is a Sharpie.

Tomorrow, depending on my work schedule (I'll find out tonight), I may try to get to one of the big lakes. If I can't, I may just do some owling and try to photograph a few more easy ones around Lansing.

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