Monday, January 7, 2013

More Progress

Yesterday I attempted to see the Varied Thrush that has been hanging around Nashville, Michigan, but had no luck. However, some birding in the area resulted in a few more birds photographed, so I chalked it up to a minor success. While grabbing some Tim Horton's in Lansing, a Cooper's Hawk sat up nicely on a billboard. I've seen some decent sized Cooper's, and this was one of them.

Cooper's Hawk

We also came across a few berry trees hosting an American Robin.

American Robin

One of the fields we drove by had a hovering American Kestril. I have had the worst luck photographing this species, and I'm not talking about just this year. Every time I drive up to one, riiiiiiiiight before I come to a stop, they fly away. I'll have to outsmart one, but this picture will do for now... I guess.

American Kestrel

And last, and certainly least, the ever present Rock Pigeon. But hey, it had to be done.

Rock Pigeon

So, this brings the 2013 birds photographed list to 46. I'll be birding a bit this week, trying to track down a few Michigan winter specialties. I "accidentally" won a decent digiscoping camera on eBay that I thought I had no shot at, so no more crummy iPhone digiscoped photos in the near future! It should come in handy in Florida.

If you are wondering, I have only enticed one other person to donate to the American Bird Conservancy, besides myself. I thought this would be more of a hit, especially after the ABA making a big deal about the need for conservation in Hawaii. I guess we will continue to see how it shakes out!

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  1. Good work David! Looks like a fun challenge. I'm working on a little something that could translate into a donation to support your cause/efforts. Stay tuned.